Ian's House of Thud
Some decade I'll find a more meaningful way to organize my page.
Until then, just follow the links presented here. Many of them are
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The doors before you are as follows.
The Original homepage This is were it all started many years ago (Links to other sites in here too).
My '97 Montana Motorcycle trip. (story and photos )
My motorcycle plus some motorcycle technical articles
My Car Page (all about my VW R32 and old GTI-VR6 and more) plus the Car Multimedia Page
Flight II Oddities Flight simulator stuff from one of the first super high res terrain flight simulators (dated, but no place to put stuff like this).
'98 Travelogue and Newsletter. (Story and 35 cool photos)
Original pencil artwork
 My Nikon Coolpix 990 Photo Galleries on Fototime (Updated 11/11/04)
  Complete Index of all my Photographic Galleries (Updated 05/25/06)
  My Videos of lots of strange stuff (Updated 10/23/03)
youtube-thm.gif My Video channel on YouTube with a mix of FPV, driving and other videos.
vimeo-thm.gif My Video channel on Vimeo  with lots of FPV related videos (updated regularly)

RCbtn.jpg (1916 bytes)  My Radio Controlled Soaring Page and Real Time Wind and Weather Page (Updated 11/10)

 9/11 Archive Raw and Uncut  - A collection of archived videos and images from the days following 9/11.

About my images and animations (Basically, ask before using, and do not hotlink my images, unless you want me to redirect you to something nasty)

I can be reached at frechett@houseofthud.com

News and web page updates