Flight Unlimited 2 gets really weird

Note: All of these images are actual screenshots.
See the More images page for latest additions. Updated Oct 29/98.

Now this is a trip. Check these out.
Have you seen this plane?

I have. All I did was raise the gear.

Now look at that prop. Maybe it's a trick of the light.
Actually.. it's not.

Look at the airspeed. Surely that isn't possible.

No, I didn't draw this.

It really exists, and I was flying it.

And this is the same plane with the gear down.

I'm not kidding.. I flew this around for 5 minutes, just like this.

I suppose that's one way to fish. Really makes a splash on takeoff too.

Landing is going to be a bitch.. The prop's too big, one wheel won't come down.

Guess it wasn't so bad afterall. Here, I sit on the runway, hovering 2 feet up.

Note, the airspeed again. I am not flying. The engine is just spinning down.

Look ma.. no floats.

So what's the secret? How to do these tricks yourself.

Here are some more images related to this quirk.

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