Some World Trade Center Videos of Note

Video of first plane crashing with full sound

Can skip this one till later, but it's a slow mo version of the end of the one above

Tracking shot from the side.. with sound

Full on view of the face of the building and plane flying straight into it with sound

Powerful CNN segment showing the street reporting from a few minutes before (Lady: "They're jumping out the windows"), and then
the 2nd tower collapsing is shown live.    One thing to note is that a thin segment of the 2nd tower's wall stayed standing well above the 740 foot
tall (51 story) building next to it (3 World Financial Center) for several seconds after the main collapse.  

A young couple filming from far away across the river, right at the moment the 2nd plane hit.  Their unfiltered comments and
a good look at the side of  the building where the right. wing opened it up. 

All video files are just as I found them, in their various formats.  Best to right click, save as
and play in a viewer like VLC, which can play all of these.    

The WTC prefixed videos are also available here Taner's WTC Media page, along with a few others.