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Videos with the symbol were generally taken with my cp990 digital still camera and have no sound.
mov files are played with Quicktime 
avi-divx - requires a special codec be downloaded for windows media player.  It can be found via a google search (older codec) or
directly from (  (Player available for Mac and Linux there too)

Car Related Videos

(2/28/03)  A little fun in the snow (24 megs - DiVX encoded)

(11/30/02) Two videos of myself flogging the tires off my GTI-VR6 out at Second Creek Raceway.
Onboard (avi-divx) 24 Megs   Also available in Quicktime.. Onboard (mov) 25 Megs
Outside View (avi-divx) 33 Megs

(02/01/02) New streamable versions of my  three driving videos encoded using Windows Media Encoder 8.
They're cropped in a widescreen format which allows for slightly higher quality
motion (cutting out some of the bandwidth eating trees at the top of the frame).     What I've been trying to do is
get the best quality motion compression combined with the longest run time in the smallest file size possible.
18 minutes total playing time between the 3 videos.
Bottom Third (WMV) 10.4 Megs
Middle Third (WMV) 8.6 Megs
Top Third (WMV) 11.2 Megs

Original versions of my Mt. Evans driving videos (same as above) using fast
motion DiVX encoding.  The frames are not cropped like those above either.
The videos above really are slightly better quality.   I keep these verions here for
historical reasons. 
Mt. Evans Drive bottom 3rd(avi-divx)
9.3 megs Tight and twisty.
Mt. Evans Drive middle 3rd(avi-divx) 7.7 megs Twisty and faster.
Mt. Evans Drive top 3rd(avi-divx) 10 megs  Normally very fast turns until the November surprise.

A very short Auto-X video 1.8 megs,  of a particularly fast autoXer

Radio Control Soaring videos.

(10/04/03) 4 video clips 1, 2, 3, 4 showing off Ed Berg's Spinner EPP DLG launching and flying at sunset

(09/26/03) A 5:12 minute Music video (32 megs, DiVX encoded) showing off the NCFM M60 doing some really cool
horizontal moves, pylon racing, birds chasing it.. etc

(09/26/03) A 4:50 minute Music video (26 megs, DiVX encoded) showing off the NCFM M60 doing some pretty
serious vertical maneuvers on a fantastic day

(01/27/04 - updated link) A short 3 minute video (16 megs, DiVX encoded) showing off the NCFM M60 doing a little light DS
on the same slope on the same day as the previous two videos

(09/13/03) 3 video clips 1, 2, 3 showing off Ed Berg's Bolo EPP DLG launching and flying in our normal light air
slermal (slope + thermal) conditions

(03/30/03) Onboard the Miraj F3F (16.6 Megs, DiVX encoded) on the west end of Mt. Carbon

(01/29/03) Two more..  onboard wireless video camera on my Miraj F3F flying at the south
end of the dam.
Some smooth flying (17 megs) showing off a sunset to the west.
Some action (24 megs) (low fast passes, loops, other gliders, birds)

(01/05/03) Here's a new one.. Using the new Blackwidow 2.4Ghz Video camera on my Dogan F3B
flying out at the Powerlines slope site.   
This 5 minute video (24 megs) features some loops, rolls, birds in flight and several flybys all
set to music. 

(11/30/2002) The following three videos were encoded using DiVX (best compromize of quality, filesize and portability.
Pick up the DiVX Codec and/or DiVX player (for Windows, Mac, Linux) here.

Quick little clip of my Nemesis making some (1.7 megs) DS turns at the dam on a windy/rainy day.

Video of my NCFM Moth set to music
tearing it up on the little slope (avi-divx) 16Megs,  at the Powerlines site.
First onboard video from my Dogan F3B (107" span),
flying out at the dam (avi-divx) 30 Megs, also set to music..
(There's also a
30% smaller version (avi-divx) 20 Megs, for those who can't stomach 30 megs..
Had some more onboard footage so I put together a video that's most of the
action sequences. (28 Megs)

Older video clips.
The glider is a Bowman JW.   All these were filmed by me, while flying the glider through the
viewfinder of the camera.   Remember this is all just wind power.
JW Aerobatics 1 at Green Mountain (mov) 3.5 megs - good aerobatics and some inverted flight in the middle
JW Aerobatics 2 at Green Mountain (mov) 3.7 megs - big verticals up against the clouds as a backdrop
JW Aerobatics 3 at Green Mountain (mov) 3.7 megs - Some barrel rolls against the horizon 
JW Aerobatics 4 at Green Mountain (mov) 6.1 megs - Big swoops, big loops.. higher quality but larger video
Ok, here's where it gets fun.  Same day of flying I spent about 15 minutes playing
around with a hawk.  He'd fly up behind me slowly and extend his talons about 6 inches
away.   He never got a hold of the glider, but he did get a bit more aggressive later.
Video of Hawk swooping on JW (mov) 700k - I think he pulls back at the end because he
the glider is somewhat bigger than he is.  
At one point I had 2 hawks within 6 feet of the glider at the same time.   Unfortunately I ran out
of space on the card in the camera and had to delete a video clip before I could shoot
again.   Here's a very short clip just showing the glider and two hawks (800k) in the same airspace
but not particularly close.    

The next plane is a Nemesis from Composite Specialties
It's my first composite moulded glider.  Here are some videos.
Nemesis's very first launch and a couple turns.
A week or so later, here's 3 videos from it's
Second launch and high speed turn  
Some high vertical stall turns
Some more stall turns and a roll and flyby
I've also got some photos of the Nemesis from the first day.

Miscellaneous strange stuff

Helicopter logging in Montana(mov)  2.5 megs
Same helicopter with a full load of trees(mov).  3.1 megs

Baby raccoon versus housecat(mov) 1.78 megs  - Raccoon is thinking.. "Hmm. I think I'll just saunter over 
to the corner past this friendly cat..  *Hisss* *swat* I'm really not intimidated.  *hiss*  I think I'll explore over here."

Me doing some Contact Juggling(mov) 2.1 megs - This is a form of juggling where the ball or balls generally remain
in contact with the skin.

Some short flashy clips from a recent Moby concert (Moby  Area: One Festival in Denver at old Mile High Stadium)
Moby closeup(mov)

Moby Flashy Stage(mov)
Moby Lasers(mov)

Be sure to check out my Car Multimedia Page.  It has some videos and sounds that aren't here.

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