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The original of the Porsche is over 16 inches long, which means that it didn't fit on a legal sized scanner bed. I had to scan it twice and stitch together the parts. Do you see the line?

Also, the original has a very distinct yellow tinge to it because the paper is a few years old. Take a look at one of the original scans to see the coloring, and compare it with the picture above.

I used a neat trick that someone came up with for removing the color bias in film negatives. I cut out a portion of the upper left of the image, which is just pure white (yellow in this case), and made it a new image. Then I applied a gaussian blur to it 20 times or so. This blends all the slightly different shades of yellow together into one smooth color. I then sampled that color with the color picker.
From there I went back to the original scan, created a new layer (PSP5 and PS5 do layers) with 50% transparency and the "color" layer type. I used the fill tool to fill that entire layer with the sampled color, and then told it to invert the entire layer.
Because of the 50% transparency, the inverted yellow and the yellow in the original scan cancel each other out leaving the final result more or less white. I merged the two layers back together and was done.

Most of the other pictures were drawn a few years earlier than the Porsche before I knew how to shade something black without it coming out with a shine. That's why, the spaceship had ripples in it, for instance. Not only does a hard pencil shading make highly reflective areas, it also stretches the paper which explains the ripples. The light of the scanner actually reflected white off portions that were supposed to be pure black. I had to retouch it a bit after scanning.
Note: I rescanned later, and discovered that if I put a big heavy book on top of the drawing and applied pressure, it flattened out the ripples some making for a much better scan.

I also discovered that the images with lots of grey shading in them, didn't compress very well at all, because of the constant switching from white to black and so on. There are few large areas that can truly be considered one color, so GIF and JPEG compression pretty much fail.

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