Montana Trip, 1999. Nikon CoolPix 950 Gallery

Denver at Sunrise (1024x768)
The Big Hole in Montana
Looking from Bridger Natl. Forest to Jackson Hole Wyoming
The Homestead
Montanans out on the town (look inside the van)
Fat Lazy Cat Sleeping
Oh, to be a cat
Joe at Search and Rescue exercise helping train fire department for swift water rescue.
Victim 1 (Mr. "Difficult and Unpredictable")
Rescue in progress
Grandmother Rita at 80th birthday party
Everyone visiting Rita in new house
Rita not aware of camera (rare event)
Rita and I
Montana Sunset (1280x960)
Trapper's Peak (1024x768)
My Family
Back Side of Tetons
Looking North down the front of the Tetons Here's an old image of the Grand Tetons taken in 1997 with a Kodak DC50
Wyoming at dusk
Wyoming Sunset
Wyoming Sunset with Geese (taken at 60mph)

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