Feb-20 Autocross at Bandimere (Winter Series)

A few pictures.
Click Here to see a diagram of the course I made from memory.  It looks fast.  It wasn't.    
A lot of people straightlined one or more of the slaloms to DNF.  
The box at the bottom of the hill looked slow, but wasn't.  It psyched a lot of folks out.

Of course some joker's got to bring a ringer.

I took a ride with Bob Tunnel in this BMW M3 below.  It had full race rubber and it felt like he was going through
the course twice as fast as I had.  After a 150 foot power slide coming out of a decreasing radius 180, 
he did  a hook slide and looped it.  Even driving the car around in a circle to get back on course, and stopping
for a course worker, he still rolled in at 76 seconds, which isn't even close to the slowest time of the day.
If you look at the times below you'll see that on his third run, he did a 57.097, which would have made him the
absolute fastest *car* of the day except that he clipped two cones, (the cart above ran 51.781).   That had
to have been a kickass ride.   Officially, his wife beat him in the same car.  ;)


Here's a link to the official times for the day.   I'm 5th in the "Rookie" listings at the bottom of the page, which is a mix of
classes.   I think the PAX and points reflect a certain handicap, as others in Rookie drove faster, but are lower down
the rankings because they had faster cars to start with.   They'll put up a link soon which lists the type of car.

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