The 9/11 archive, uncut.   (mirrored here)
I, like many people, was woken up Tuesday morning Sept 11, 2001 by a relative telling me to turn on the TV.
I turned it on, just in time to watch the second tower fall, live on CNN.    Within moments, that scene
was cut/edited/santized/dramatized and then re-played continuously.   That day, and over the next
few more, I saw this happen several more times.  Raw  footage or photos came in aired once, and were
quickly turned into slickly editted un-reality.    I saw websites with powerful and sometimes
disturbing images appear, and then disappear, either crushed under the weight of  tens of thousands of hits,
or taken down because the images were considered objectionable.

Presented here is my small archive of footage and imagery collected from a  few different sites.
Much of it is CNN's editted versions (many duplicates), some of it went into documentaries, some is
just  pure raw video to interpret as you choose.   I make no claims to it.  I present it as my commentary
on what I witnessed.  

WTC #1 - A bunch of raw video clips from many sources.    My index with descriptio/ns of them here
WTC#2 - More short raw video clips with someone else's descriptions.  It's a fair representation of the events of the day through the eyes of CNN.
WTC #3 - A collection of very powerful still images  from the day.   Be aware that you may find some of them quite disturbing.  I present them exactly as they were presented to me and will continue to do so.  
WTC #4  - A few videos I'd like to personally highlight and my comments about them.   These were the most raw/uncut clips.   Sounds of people's reactions and explosions played in their proper timing and so forth.